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Promoting good health and well being is central to everything we do. Pupils with positive well being are able to develop their full potential, learn and play creatively.


Pupils who experience a positive well being can build and enjoy positive relationships with others and feel belonging to our school community.


Good mental health and well being helps pupils to learn effectively, cope with day to day challenges and develop into resilient young adults. 


As a school we deliver weekly myHappymind sessions.


 About myHappymind


myHappymind is an award winning, whole school and nursery curriculum. It teaches children preventative habits that support positive mental health, resilience and self esteem.


 Taught to every child in a school from Early Years through to Year 6, myHappymind is delivered via an innovative technology platform making learning easy and fun.


All of the concepts we teach are based in science and research and grounded in neuroscience and positive psychology.


We are passionate about supporting teacher well being too and so all schools using the program have access to a teacher well being program.


We are also proud to support parents and carers by providing them with a free app to continue the learning at home.

Please click the provision map below to see how we support pupils' mental health and well being at our school.