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At Butts Primary School, all children study History and are inspired to become inquisitive learners. The study of history ignites children’s curiosity about the past in Britain and the wider world. 

Our History curriculum, is sequenced and designed so that children acquire historical knowledge, vocabulary and skills about historical communities and events. Children are taught through a well-structured enquiry approach to learning, where each unit of work is based around an overarching enquiry question.


At the beginning of all the units, children look back at time periods studied previously. This encourages them to build on their chronological framework and see every unit in the wider context of time.   Then new 'Sticky knowledge facts' are shared with the children who are taught with a range of teaching strategies the historical skills and knowledge that allow learning to be memorable and coherent; enabling every child to achieve a secure understanding of each historical concept taught.  


History is often taught alongside English texts connected to the topic, enabling the children to link a narrative to their learning.