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“Art is produced when imagination or creativity are used to create something that can be directly experienced through our senses.”


At Butts Primary School, our vision is to create artistically literate children, who foster love and passion for the arts.


Our School is proud to have been awarded a Gold Arts Award, this celebrates all of the hard work that we have invested into our balanced and broad Art curriculum.



The teaching of Art at Butts Primary school, aims to give children the opportunity to express themselves and gain a greater understanding of the creative world around them. Our children are encouraged to explore and create their own works of art based on Famous artists around them; this engages children in many different art forms from all over the world and from various different periods of time. Each year groups look at three different artists and each focusing on a different art form, giving our children a broad and balanced art curriculum across school.


Children at Butts Primary School will develop their skills in the following areas:

Drawing, Painting, Printing, 3D sculpture, Collage and Evaluation and Discussion. For more information, please see our Skills Progression map, which is attached to this page.



Many of the skills that we learn during our art lessons develop transferable skills, which help children when studying other areas of our curriculum. For instance talking, about a piece of art helps with our critical thinking skills, whilst helping children understand and respect different cultures. When creating a piece of art, children are encouraged to think in depth during the planning stages and understand how to make and learn from their mistakes.


At school, we have a team of Arts Ambassadors from UKS2, these children are in charge of planning and delivering activities around schools, these range from art competitions to leading assemblies for the whole school.


At Butts Primary school, we also offer a range of wider opportunities for our children across the school. On a Wednesday, we run an afterschool Art club, Led by Mrs Edgington, this allows children to explore the arts further, for enjoyment they develop their imagination and language skills by sharing ideas with each other, these children also produce beautiful displays and will soon be setting up a gallery of their work to share with parents.


Our Arts Ambassadors plan and lead a lunchtime club during the week, their activities promote children to express themselves, relax and reflect on their morning at one of the busiest times in the day.


Working within our community is paramount to everything we do at Butts Primary school, this is no different with Art, and children are able to work on projects that have been displayed around our community for all to enjoy.


On top of regular timetabled lessons, teachers also dedicate a day each term for an Art Day; the topics on this day vary from term to term. Last term the children focused on their drawing skills, they spent the day developing these so they could create an A4 drawing as a result.


Children in school are also given the opportunity to work with professional artists, in previous years children have worked with textile artists, drawing specialists, clay specialists, photographers, digital artists and dance choreographers. Our teachers have also taken part in training with professionals, to develop and broaden our own skills.


Watch this video to learn more about ‘Art’ and what it is…