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Positive mental health and well-being

Coronavirus -A book for children

At Butts we are committed to promoting positive mental health and well-being for our pupils. We are a caring, nurturing and  'listening school' and have a number of strategies in place to support pupils who may be struggling to manage their emotions and mental health. These include the following-


  • having a single point of contact or mental health champion who is our SENCO Mrs Wynn,
  • a worry box for pupils to message any concerns,
  • providing weekly 'time to talk' sessions,
  • running nurture sessions,
  • creating a 'safe' place,
  • sharing coping strategies/mechanisms with pupils,
  • staff/parent/pupil contracts
  • individual care plans,
  • working with external agencies for example-CAMHS, bereavement counselling etc.
  • peer mentoring,
  • having opportunities to participate in decision making (e.g. School Council, School Ambassadors)
  • participating in activities that encourage belonging (e.g. Circle Time, SEAL, Drawing and Talking, Play/Art/Lego Therapy sessions) promoted through our PSHE curriculum,
  • access to appropriate support that meets their needs (e.g. Teacher and TA support in class, SENCO, SLT and external agencies including Educational psychologist provision.)
  • support from Rushall Inclusion Service


  • support from our own Children, Young People, Multi-agency and development lead.
  • having opportunities to celebrate academic and non-academic achievements (e.g. Good2BGreen assembly, celebration assembly, extra curriculum awards.)
  • unique talents and abilities identified and developed (e.g. Children leading their own learning, extra-curricular clubs, peer mentoring including cross phase mentoring) .
  • opportunities to develop a sense of worth through taking responsibility for themselves and others. (E.g. residential, school trips, first aiders and play leaders.)
  • time to reflect (e.g. Circle Time, timeout/quite areas in class, library, sensory room, emotional coaching and alternative lunchtime provision in the Nurture room).
  • children are surrounded by adults who model positive and appropriate behaviours and interactions at all times. 
  • a right to an environment that is safe, clean, attractive and well cared for.