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Dementia awareness

At Butts Primary School, we pride ourselves on raising awareness through fundraising events.  This year, we have raised the profile of dementia across our school.   We started fundraising for the Alzheimer's Society last year and raised £300 but this year through our cake-sale we have raised £317.34.   We are extremely grateful for the cakes that were baked and sold as we know our children, parents, staff and our community work together to support each other.  Alongside the fundraising events, KS2 children took part in a 'Dementia workshop' with Queen Mary's Grammar School and became 'Dementia Friends'.  

Year 6 created some spectacular pieces of writing linking how the brain works and the effects of dementia.  







Harvest Time


Our Harvest assembly was hosted by Reverend Mark and Reverend Emily.   As a whole school, the children reflected on the importance of giving to those who are in need and their food donations were presented to members of  Ablewell Foodbank.


A year 6 pupil presented his own Harvest Prayer whilst another shared his Harvest poem with the rest of the school.  It was beautiful to hear the angelic voices of the pupils resounding their Harvest song throughout the school.






Mayor's Local Charity

The Health and Fitness day promoted by the School Council enabled our school to donate to the Mayor's Local Charity, supporting teenage counselling.


World Cancer Day 


The community is at the heart of our school so giving to charity and being part of a caring and loving community matters to us at Butts Primary.  This year, we all wore red, donated £1 each to Cancer Relief and after assembly, released heart-shaped balloons with our heartfelt messages.  We are looking forward to receiving replies to our messages and will keep everyone updated.




Harvest Black Country Food bank award

Macmillan Bake Off


In the spirit of the Great British Bake Off, our School Council organised a 'Butts Bake Off', with proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Trust.  The bake-off was a delightful success, just look at the mouth-watering cakes that we had on offer.


Harvest Festival

Race for Life

Macmillan Coffee Morning


Many thanks to all the parents/carers who attended Year 4's Macmillan Coffee Morning. The event was a resounding success as it allowed Year 4 to raise £57.55 from the sales of scrumptious, mouth-watering cakes and hot drinks.  


It was a busy morning as Year 4 organised this event, not only did they bake, prepare  tables, wash crockery, design and display the bunting for the classroom; design and create a 'Welcome' poster; organise the food and drinks and serve the guests.  They were also the most hospitable hosts - ensuring that everyone had a great time. 

On Friday 17th November children raised money for Children in Need by coming dressed in spots and donating 50p.  

We would like to give a big thank you for all those that participated as we raised £73.33 for the charity.