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Physical Education



At Butts Primary School our PE curriculum is designed to provide our children with opportunities to experience a wide range of sporting activities. Every class has two PE lessons each week and coached on two sports that change every half-term. This allows children to improve their physical skills as well as their endurance in a variety of contexts whilst developing sporting interests they can pursue.


At the end of each half term, the pupils participate in the inter-house competitions and pupils also attend competitive events with other local schools. 


We ensure our PE curriculum links to other areas of the curriculum, we work with the children to develop their understanding of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the values of teamwork. Each week pupils are encouraged to complete a mile a day to support their individual fitness. 

After school clubs and lunchtime clubs offer a range of opportunities for the children to participate in a range of sports, this is led by our Sports Coach. 


The PE Lead engages with local clubs (e.g. Staffordshire Cricket Club) to provide master classes for pupils and to enrich our PE offer. 

PE Progression and Provision Map