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At Butts Primary School, all children study Geography and learn about the world, its physical and human features, natural resources and how people interact with its environment.  We believe that an understanding of Geography is important for all children, regardless of their age or stage of learning.  


Through our love for Geography, we inspire children to foster a sense of curiosity, explore the world and consider exciting vocations. They may become explorers, passionate meteorologists who unravel weather mysteries, skilled pilots navigating the skies, or volcanologists studying Earth's fiery wonders. By fostering their curiosity and appreciation for geographical locations, we hope to ignite their passion for exploration and scientific discovery, shaping the next generation of adventurers.


Important aspects of the subject include:


Locational knowledge: learning about the world’s continents, oceans and countries and how to locate places on a map. This area of study also includes children learning about their local area and the wider world and developing an awareness of the different cultures, traditions and environments of different places.


Physical geography: learning about the natural features of the Earth, including mountains, rivers, volcanoes, oceans and coastlines. This area of study also includes children learning about climate and weather patterns and how these impact the natural world and human activity.


Human geography: learning about human activity and how people interact with the environment. This area of study includes children learning about topics such as population, settlement and land use while developing an understanding of how humans impact the natural world.


Geographical skills: learning the skills needed to carry out practical tasks such as map reading, data analysis and fieldwork techniques. This area of study includes children learning to use different types of maps, atlases and digital resources.


Interdisciplinary/ Cross-curricular links: Geography links well to other areas of the curriculum, such as Science, Art and Mathematics.  At Butts Primary, we support children in making links to enhance their understanding, for example, children might investigate the impact of climate change on the seasons in Science or explore landscapes through drawing and painting in Art. 


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