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Accessing Google Classrooms

At Butts, we are using 'Google Classroom' to access learning whilst at home.   Teachers have created an online classroom to support your child with their learning whilst at home and children will be able to answer quizzes, send homework and communicate with their teacher.  Your child can access Google Classroom via the internet on any device.


How to access Google Classroom.

You can log in to Google Classroom by going to the following address or clicking on the link:- using the login details that were provided by the school.


The links below are short videos that show you how to access Google Classroom and also how it works. 


Should you require more information or need some help accessing Google Classroom please do not hesitate to email your class teacher.

How to Login to Chrome & Google Classroom at Home

In this video we walk through the steps to login to your Google account to access Google Classroom from home.