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The school teaches the new National Curriculum for English. We set targets for reading, writing, and spelling, grammar and punctuation. These targets inform the teachers planning and are shared with pupils and parents to enable pupils to make the best progress possible.



Reading is taught from Nursery up to Year 6. Initially, pupils are taught phonics through RML- the Ruth Miskin Literacy scheme and then progress onto the Ginn Reading scheme/ free use of the library. Pupils requiring additional support to learn to read are able to access the Freshstart programme.


Guided reading is a key part of the development of reading. Pupils are taught the discrete reading domains in both Key Stage 1 and 2 and teachers use a range of tools including whole class and differentiated texts and Cracking Comprehension. This enables pupils to have the necessary skills to access more complex texts independently.


English and writing is taught from Nursery and is largely based on the Read, Write, Inc scheme and a cross-curricular approach. Pupils work towards producing longer, extended pieces of writing each week, in both English lessons and across the curriculum. Teachers expect the same standard of writing in both and pupils are encouraged to articulate the composition of their writing.


Spelling, grammar and punctuation

This is taught through English lessons and also discretely through the use of Read, Write, Inc spelling logs. Pupils are set and tested on spellings weekly.


Speaking and listening

Pupils are encouraged to articulate their learning and to speak clearly and confidently using good vocabulary.


Nursery and Reception use the Welcome and Talk Boost programmes to develop good speaking and listening techniques and there is also a Little Learners Pragmatics group based in year 1.


The school council and assemblies are good avenues for practicing this key skill.

Reading Challenge


We are delighted to announce that every class is participating in a reading challenge.  Each year group has a box of at least 40 books;  handpicked with genres ranging from diaries, autobiographies, biographies, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and comedy.  The books also take into account an element of challenge, promoting our ethos of promoting children's vocabulary.

Reading Challenge Winners