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Design & Technology


At Butts Primary School our Design and Technology curriculum is designed to prepare children for the developing world they live in. It is largely a hands-on, practical subject which enables children to become creative problem thinkers and innovators of the future. It is about designing, making and evaluating to fulfil a need or meet a purpose.


At Butts Primary we want our children to:

* Build knowledge, understanding and skills which allows them to design and make products for a wide range of needs and users.

* Develop the creative, technical and practical expertise needed to perform everyday tasks confidently

* Evaluate and test their ideas and products.

*Make decisions for themselves and carry out practical work to create a product that leaves them with a great sense of achievement.

* Understand and apply in everyday life the principles of nutrition and learn how to cook for themselves.


We achieve all of this through breaking down the Design and Technology Curriculum into three progressive units of work for each year group.  Each year group will make a textile based product, a construction based project and a food based product.  The products design and created will be linked to a topic based learning approach, with opportunities for cross curricular links in others subjects.

To Enhance knowledge of nutrition and “farm to table” the children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 and 2 are involved with growing seasonal produce which they harvest, prepare and eat, providing valuable everyday life skills for the their future. 


D&T Progression and Provision Maps