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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Class email for Year 5

If your child is having any issues in logging onto Education City, Active Learn/Bug Club, or TTRockstars then please email  your child's class teacher, who will be able to help on


Free gymnastics PE class every Tuesday and Thursday at 3.15pm.  Click on the link for live sessions.


King of the Cloud Forest, Chapter 3

Read by Mrs V Rai

King of the Cloud Forest Chapter 2

Read by Mrs V Rai

King of the Cloud Forest - Chapter 1

Read by Mrs V Rai


Who let the Gods Out?

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Elliot's mum is ill and his home is under threat, but a shooting star crashes to earth and changes his life forever.   The star is Virgo - a young Zodiac goddess on a mission.  


During Topic, Year 5 are learning all about the Greeks and are gaining a historical perspective by knowing what the Gods and Goddesses represented to the people that worshipped them.



Prometheus and Pandora


A young god called Prometheus plays with some clay and accidentally makes some human beings.  Unfortunately, Zeus, the powerful king of the gods finds out and is livid with Prometheus and intends to teach him a lesson.   Zeus creates a 'special box' which he gives to a beautiful woman called Pandora. 


What will be the fate of Prometheus and mankind? 



Reading for pleasure.


We have a list of 100 books that we are sure that you will enjoy.  Try and read as many books as you can and rise to the challenge of reading 100 books by the end of the year.

Community Ethos 


One School, One Community


The above logo represents our school and this year Mrs. Marusamy has launched a project to bring our school and community together.


Year 5, have created a 'Community Ethos' tree in their class and children have added leaves individual leaves to show what 'community' means to them.