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Performing Arts

Year 6 music 


'I Got A Feeling' is one of the tracks that Year 6 are learning to play and perform on their keyboards.  Not only are they learning chords, they are also expanding their knowledge of music terms such as octaves, quavers, and crotchets.



Live Entertainment comes to Butts.


Electrifying school hall, chanting voices, screaming children and great audience participation by all. 


Welcome to our Christmas treat; a live tribute act who not only wowed everyone but encouraged us all to take part, enjoy and release the 'inner singer' and in some cases our 'inner Diva'.


Our pictures tell a story...

Butts Factor

At Butts Primary, we strive to achieve the best for everyone and take every opportunity that our children are able to perform and showcase their talents.  This year was no exception and the Butts Factor was a resounding success with our remarkable contestants and our enthusiastic judges.



Musical Theatre is one of the most popular elements of British theatre, with a growing number of West End shows attracting visitors worldwide so at Butts Primary we offer everyone the opportunity to join in.


Musical Theatre club runs on a Wednesday morning between 8.15am-8.45am and all are welcome to attend.


We have created linked with other theatre groups and also take our children to workshops and events that will ignite their passion and enhance their talents.