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Late/Absence Procedures




Very good attendance is so important to children’s learning and happiness in school.  We promote excellent attendance in a number of ways:


  • Each member of the class with the best attendance during the previous week receives a prize.
  • A 100% club to begin September 2016 to reward pupils with 100% attendance each week and term.


We need the support of parents and carers to make sure children come to school every day and are punctual.  If your child is absent, please let school know the reason why between 8.30am and 10.00am on the first day of absence.  If you do not call, our Parent Support Advisor will need to call you to ask why your child is absent. We consistently include weekly attendance figures as a feature on the school’s newsletter.


Here are the rules about attendance:


Authorised Absence

(An absence authorised by the school either before or after it occurs)


  • When the pupil is prevented from attending by sickness
  • A day set aside for religious observance
  • Medical or dental appointments – although ideally should be booked outside school hours
  • Domestic circumstances
  • Pupils attending another educational establishment


Unauthorised Absence


  • An absence without permission from an authorised representative of the school, and includes all unexplained or unjustified absence.


  • An unexplained or unjustified absence.


  • An absence that is not included in the ‘authorised absence’ list.


  • Any holiday taken during term time


  • Children arriving 30 minutes after the register has closed (i.e. after 9.30 am) will be given an unauthorised absence.