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British Values/SMSC

  • Black History Month

    It is extremely important to know our history, as from history we can learn from past mistakes. Together we can build a bright and positive future because we are all equal.



    'One world, one community'


  • Aspirations Week


    Aspirations week was all about sharing your journey and how building those steps will lead you to your North Star and goal.


    Visitors who shared their journeys with the children came from all walks of life; authors, choreographers, engineers, nurses, police officers to name but a few.   Butts Primary School children were inspired to break the stereotypes, to achieve their goals and reach their North Star as giving up is not an option because 'We can do it!'



Tomorrow’s Leaders


A number of pupils were chosen to visit the Mayor of Walsall (Councillor Marco Longhi) and join him for a tour of the Council House.


Pupils were very eager to meet the Mayor and ask him questions about leadership. Pupils sat in the Mayor’s parlour/ personal office. They listened to the Mayor’s story of his journey to leadership. Our pupils were inspired by this visit.




Chinese New Year


At Butts, we like everyone to join in with the festivities, so our kitchen staff created some Chinese culinary delights for the children to eat and enjoy.

Holocaust visit at The Crossing.


To commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, some Year 6 children were invited to meet with a Holocaust survivor at The Crossing.  The event allowed the children to experience a survivor's experience of life at Auschwitz.   


Community Ethos 


One School, One Community


The above logo represents our school and this year Mrs. Marusamy has launched a project to bring our school and community together.


Year 5, have created a 'Community Ethos' tree in their class and children have added leaves individual leaves to show what 'community' means to them.



In Year 3, children created a booklet called 'Who I Am', which posed the question - What makes us, who we are?'



Please click on the Community Ethos link below for more details.


Community Ethos Launch

Christmas Greetings from everyone at Butts Primary School

Celebrating Halloween


Dark nights and cold in store,

Ghosts and ghouls ready to explore.

Bats fluttering throughout the night

Watch out, the vampires are ready to bite!


Halloween celebrations

Diwali Celebrations


To promote mutual respect, our school celebrated Diwali and the children took part in various activities including:-


* Year 5's assembly on Diwali with role play to demonstrate the story of Rama and Sita,

* designing Rangoli patterns,

* writing Diwali cards,

* tasting a selection of Indian food.


Black History Month


The month of October is Black History month in the UK, so we have planned a series of lessons, activities and assemblies to take place in October designed to explore this area of the curriculum.


 During Black History Month, we remember and celebrate the important people from the past and also those who contribute to and help our society today.


Roald Dahl Day

Our school had a Dahlicious day, on 13th September when we celebrated Roald Dahl's birthday.   


In the words of the BFG, there were lots of 'hopscotchy' children  'squibbbling' away but luckily, there was no 'whizzpopping'.