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Able and Talented

School keeps an able and talented register which is updated at least annually. Pupils’ talents are recorded and activities are planned to support these pupils within the curriculum areas.


It is the responsibility of subject coordinators to plan tasks to enrich pupils and to monitor pupils’ progress.


School enters many sporting tournaments across the borough including those included in the Cadmus Cup. This gives our able and talented sporty pupils the opportunity to compete against other pupils on a regular basis. This year we hope to purchase an artificial cricket wicket to develop our cricket players.


Talented arty pupils are given opportunity to work alongside local artists and to work on mini art projects for example- water colour paintings, tile paintings, and stone painting for Remembrance etc.


The Cadmus Cup offers pupils the chance to participate in events such as spelling competitions, maths challenges, Brain sports competitions and story writing projects.

Able and Talented Artists

Diwali artwork


On Diwali, Artist Mr Robo worked with our able and talented artists.  They sketched and designed the pattern work of a peacock and created amazing artwork.

Able and Talented Sports

Able and Talented Sports  1

Able and Talented Author Visit

Able and Talented Author Visit 1
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Butts Media Group have been using a range of apps whilst working with Creative Beat to film, produce and edit movies and stop frame animation.